1. What are the components available in SpacebabiesNRobots ?

SpacebabiesNRobots have 3 different game boards,16 robot pawns, Dice(s), 12 Tiles, 24 Cards, Rulebook, Dice cup.

2. How long should the game be ?

There will be 3 different maps.

1) Classic Map: 45-60 Min(2-4 Players)
2) Whirlpool Map: 30-45 Min(2-4 Players)
3) Skirmish Map: 25-35 Min(2-4 Players)

3. What are the different areas on the Game boards ?

All three maps have similar areas like Evacuation area, Safety ramp,Laser house,Active play area, Death blocks,Home colony.

4. How will a player start the game ?

Player have to roll 1 OR 6 to start the game.

5. What is Player Zone on the maps ?

These are the zones in which a player can set certain traps against other players.

6. How many players will there be ?

Game can be played by 2-4 players. Players can also form teams.

7. Can this game be played as a team ?

Yes. This can be played as team.The team whose 8 robot pawns reaches the Evacuation area will win the game.

8. What choices will the player have ?

Players can make choices using the 6 cards and also 2/3 tiles depending on the game board.

9. Why was the number of tiles different ?

The Creature trap is directly present on the Classic map. So, we use only two tiles in Classic map. In other two Boards, creature tile is also used with other two tiles.

10. Can a player kill opponents robot pawn ?

Yes, if a players pawn lands on the same block of opponents pawn, then opponents pawn is returned to the Home colony.

11. How will the player make these choices ?

Check the description of how to make choices using tiles and cards.

12. How will the players interact with each other ?

Players interact with each other by throwing the dice in clockwise direction,using the cards and tiles in the game.

13. Are there any choices that can be made by one player, but not by the others ?

No, all players will have equal choices.(4 robot pawns,2/3 tiles, 6 cards).

14. What actions will the player be able to take ?

Check the actions description.

15. What is the player's goal ?

The final goal of Player is,all 4 robot pawns must reach the Evacuation Area.

16. How can the player win ?

Player wins when all his robot pawns reaches the Evacuation Area.